Ages and Stages

At Buds and Blooms Childcare, we believe in the uniqueness of each tamariki and the uniqueness of every age. Each stage of your child’s early journey is different, and our experienced teachers are committed to keeping in step with your little one as they discover, play, and learn.

Our teachers know that routines are important. They will listen carefully to you about your hopes for your little one. We encourage you to talk with us and we make time to talk with you, building your trust in us as we become part of you and your child’s world.

Our curriculums are separated by age groups and are specifically tailored to the needs and interests of each child. Through play and integrated learning, we help our tamariki develop social skills, problem solving, physical and motor skills, as well as the building blocks of numeracy and literacy — all at the unique pace of each individual child.

Here are our rooms:


Under 2 Year Olds

The experiences infants have during the early months of life are crucial to their healthy brain development. By providing them personal attention and interaction with teachers, we promote basic intellectual and social skills.

Our specialised teachers develop one-on-one relationships with your child. We know the importance of making special time to build strong relationships with lots of cuddles, smiles and song. 

Our teachers integrate the care of your under two (nappy changing, feeding and sleeping) with teaching and learning so that special attention is given to developing the brain through a deep and connected relationship with the caregiver.

Babies love to look, touch and taste new things and to explore the world around them. In our purpose-built centre we ensure there are carefully chosen, wonder-filled resources to discover as they begin to make sense of their new world. We stimulate your infant with music, movement, physical play, art and language.

We will care and nurture your child as if they were at home.


2-3 Year Olds

Toddlers are learning to explore the world around them. Their bodies are developing, along with their emerging personalities. They need to be challenged physically and socially in an environment that is loving, nurturing and safe

Our unique curriculum is based on the philosophy that young children learn best through hands on experience. Each day is filled with activities that excite toddlers and aid in their development, giving them the confidence to speak those first few important words, as well as make those first few important friends.

We provide child-directed activities such as art and sensory time. We provide meals and snacks, and help toddlers adjust to transitions between activities throughout the day and accommodate individual differences and developmental abilities.

3-5 Year Olds

For this age group we are focused on preparing them for primary school and a lifetime of learning. All children learn in unique ways and develop at different ages.

We design individual programmes to help children learn in the way that is best for them, at their own pace and in their own time

Learning is centered on play. We introduce new experiences that help children’s transition to school. Children are encouraged during the transition programme to take responsibility for their belongings, many children will learn to manage a lunchbox and its contents, to engage at mat time and to develop the foundation skills necessary for them to be able to read and write when they get to school.

The school environment will be very unfamiliar, so our transition programme aims to make children feel comfortable with the new things they may encounter so that they are well prepared for the next step in their learning journey.

We partner up with local schools to ensure the transition is smooth and that the school teachers become familiar to the kids.


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